Wall assault for Castles in Raid Maps

Drion 4 months ago 0

I think it will be cool assaulting the walls instead of going through an opening in the castle,for some maps at least. 

its just more realistic,and seems more fun as well. 

we can have it happen wither with siege equipement or just static ladders that are automaticly there.

we can have gates..

But i believe it would be cooler if it wouldnt be just big openings for pepole to run through.

Mabey the attackers need to destroy the gate,or open it by force before going through it.

it will make it much more siege like,with more archers and swordsmen on the walls,trying to hold off assaulters.

we can also make more realistic castles that way,with proper battellements and on big sieges..even enclosed death pits for archers to fire at the pepole charging for the castle.

as of now,even tho small gates do exist and work good ,the last point(O) is the only one that you have action on the walls.