Add the old theme back

Drion 4 months ago • updated by Brim 4 months ago 4

"you'll never see them again" by Simon Schütt was an epic and immersive song.  I really loved hearing it. i think it will be quite nostalgic and nice to have it brough back,if not to the actual menu mabey to the loading screen or credit screen.


Yes, I believe this should be put back in. Perhaps besides in the credits, perhaps later in the development this could be played in a inn somewhere, as in a findable in-game location. Maybe a achievement to boot...

"You'll never see them again"

Yeah. thats a great idea also! but well..we just might never see it again.

It's a good song, but it gets repetitive really soon. The new one is better suited for a title song. Also, it is just a variation of the same song, only my orchestral

I agree that theme should come back. It would be nice to mix that in with a few others too though.