Combat: Attack and Movement Overhaul

Brim 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 1


Player movement: The movement in game as it is for combat can still be further refined.
     Slowing player movement speed down and instead, and implementing a quick-step function to lunge in any direction to avoid attack or to step in and out of attack range might improve the overall experience of each fight. 

     To mitigate any abuse of the quick-step, attacks initiated during or prior to quick step could be slowed down for the duration of the step, giving the opponent slightly more time to react. 

     This would reduce player circling tactics and replace it with quick and well timed movement that don’t focus on out circling opponents.

Sword movement: There are a number of optimizations that could be made in regards to refining the combat system. 

     In some ways the turn rate of the player while attacking as abused, by turning the screen while attacking to decrease the reaction time an opponent has to block. This effect is especially evident for players with high ping who may see the attack and attempt to block but are unable to as they are hit before their guard has the time to change. 

     The turning speed of the character can be reduced while swinging, and especially while stabbing with any weapon to limit how far they can turn, and how fast a player can turn their character while attacking.


Gear durability: Gear taking damage over time through use, diminishing its effectiveness, and having to pay to fix it is a good way to for players to spend extra funds (Jericho’s idea).

      A way to include the community and give players extra tasks in-game would be to create a system in which players can repair their own gear in some mini-game-ish way.


     My thoughts for this is that, the way combat is; fighting is more about being outright unblockable right now. Veterans of the game aim to use attacks that almost no one can block and wipe the floor that way. It's less about actually creating openings in your opponents defenses with faints and bad blocks, and more about using attacks that many find it difficult or impossible to block. In a skill based combat game, unblockable attacks are an exploit rather than a functionality of the game. 

     If you agree please vote for this idea. I've begun to believe that the combat in this game, while I love it to death myself, failed to pass it's beginning phases, and that when the game went into early access with pretty much the same system that there is now; the combat system was not in its final state, and it is still not. It's up to us as the community to endeavor to help create and further ever aspect of the game, as the Developers have given us the ability to do so.