Take away the reward for 2nd and 3rd place in first season of militari

Lillebror 4 months ago • updated by PaNzAr 3 months ago 1

You don't see any 3rd or 2nd place "winners" get a gold medal in the Olympics, do you? 

I do not see why the reward should be taken away from anyone.

It is pretty egoistic to suggest others cannot have that "white dress" when also they participated in the first Militari phase and made the top ranking.

I do not get the idea of the small select group "white dress" goody in the first place, since the community is already very small and without any opposition to the 3 clans that made the ranking there would have been no fun and even less active people. (Let's be honest the game would be completely dead)

Even the inactive people in the winning clans got the nice goody and they did not deserve it.

It should have been a participating reward for all that made many hours in the raids like in every other game that is in Alpha, Beta, release, holidays or periodic stages.


Yes i call it a "white dress" because i am very jealous i do not have one, i am pretty honest about that.

Anyway i do not wish for others to lose that nice goody even tho i do not own one.

Kind regards,