Quest suggestions, like ones that require bashes in combat, pure kills, aka improved to inclide more.

Peedeoo7 4 months ago • updated by Ser Twenty Goodmen 4 months ago 1

Simply put, I'm suggesting more quests with different objectives than what we currently have. Here, i'll list a few, feel free to list your ideas below.

Quest 1: Simple quest that requests you to kick and bash opponents a certain amount of times. Could be called "marshal arts".

Quest 2: A purely kill and assist related quest, vary stock but works. could be called "manslaughter".

Quest 3: Rounds/matches completed without team hits. Simple quest that would help practice the art of not playing target practice with there buddies, I'm sure there is only a mere handful of people that would like me to practice this quest.... for the rest if my existence... Name could be "Watch what your doing!" or something....

Quest 4: Simple thing really, not dying. But can be so hard to achieve. Really the goal is surviving matches, and to promote  self preservation. Maybe with this on peoples minds maybe they will think up clever ways to keep themselves, and perhaps others, from biting the dust. Name could be "not one of the body pile" or "No more biting the dust".

Quest 5: Militari related actions, from releasing attacks, using troops in rallies, simply viewing it and signing up for events (and coming), or putting gold in the treasury. Really the goal is to have this stimulate conflicts. Name could be "steppingstones to glory", "Lead, and others will follow", exa.

Quest 6: use emotion stances, say/shout something (vary easy quest, maybe best as tutorial quest), maybe through this new people will learn how to do these easy to do actions, at worst someone waved 10 times in a row and shouted hello at the opponent five times during a swordfight. Name could be "Performance" or something.

I like your suggestions. I have another:
I would like there to be some quests that aren't daily, so you can work through them through the week, for example.

Example of a weekly Very Hard quest that rewards a royal chest: Kill player Nibzy 8 times.

(kidding kinda not kidding)