Remove Attack Speed and Movement Speed stat

Brim 4 months ago 0

They impose a huge balancing issue and have tipped the scales in the community for a long time. Gear and weapons already have stats that can be balanced, but with other factors introduced from attack speed it makes most weapons stats mute. High attack speeds are very evident and broken, higher attack speed not only allows someone to have a faster swing; they can return to the guard state faster as their swing is shorter time wise, and bad blocks have less of an effect.

With movement speed, much of the combat in this game is actually dependent on movement. Often the person with the highest movement speed will win, and that is because it is near impossible to keep someone from circling you even when you match their direction of movement. 

I understand that the reasoning is that, someone with higher movement speed and attack speed has less health, but with armor health stat becomes less noticeable, and damage stat doesn't matter if you can hit your opponent over and over because your speed far outmatches theirs. The game play would be much more balanced across the community if movement and speed augmentations were removed and instead these stats rely on gear.