Additional bot classes ideas.

Peedeoo7 4 months ago 0

Simple concept, suggesting additional bot types to fill out the rosters of available opponents.

Mercenaries: Somewhat heavily armored infantry units that can be found using a variety of moderate quality weapons. Specifically things like war scythes, classic one handed swords, and will be found using a rich variety of weapons, but no spear and shield. They have moderate fighting abilities and balanced stats. They wear things like  having moderate protection helms, like kettle hat, moderate chest pieces like scale vest with leather shoulder, long sleeved mail, alongside lighter gloves and lowers, and occasionally no helms or gloves.

Special: Fight dirty, they will bash and kick opponents.

Rangers: Like scouts, there ranged units, but a more engaging and difficult variety. Possessing more moderate, but light, levels of equipment. Like wearing things like Mongolian laminar, byzantine laminar, chain armor, padded pants with schynbald, maciejowski helmets, marsleben helms alongside varied lighter gloves. They tend to favor bows, and know how to use them. They posses slightly higher movement and attack speeds but balanced other stats. They favor parries in close combat with good footwork, as there skill is higher than a fair bit of units. occasional bashing and kicking included.

Special: Ranged approach, these archers are no cowards and will continually approach opponents while they fire away at opponents, hopefully wearing them enough to easily take them down in combat, and will draw swords early when close to there opponents. 

Heavy crossbowmen: rare units (almost as rare as bosses?) that posses heavy armor and either a hunting crossbow or a heavy crossbow. They are vary patient marksmen that are sure to cause problems when massed. they have vary low attack and movement speeds, higher health stats, but make no mistake, when they finally fire, they pack a wallop of damage. When engaged in close combat they prefer a defensive stance, and try to block many attacks mainly waiting for infantry assistance, and do not chase when disengaged.

Hoplites (or medieval equivalent): carrying a spear and shield they rely upon other bots for support. They try to circle lightly and purposely keep distance between there foes and will back away when there opponents get too close. These units typically are gifted with moderate, but slightly heavy armors, and have a fancy for pointy helms, like the conical Greek helmet, and large protective shields.

Dualists: Young, cocky, but ultimately inexperienced noblemen that have been taught in the elegant arts of swordplay, and not the harsh realities of the battlefield. They tend to bare, typically light, but sometimes heavy, elegant armors encrusted with gilding and color, and a fair bit of them let there face feel the fresh air. I think maybe a fancy re-enforced red gambeson could look fantastic. They tend to go for advanced swordplay arts like parrying when the time is right, bashes when appropriate, sped up attacks (like how you turn while hitting to increase attack speed artificially) and somewhat impressive swordplay and footwork, but watch them back up and shrink back when struck, be surprised and stunned from kicks, and not fine tuned to blocking unorthodox strikes. typically wielding one handed swords, targes, and two handed swords. Usually, there harder to deal with that normal solders. They posses slightly higher movement and attack speed, but lesser health and damage. A rarer unit on the battlefield.

Special: Call attention, when they are struck in combat they may call for help for other bots, and if you want to increase difficulty they could summon up to two additional units (spawn, max) if not taken care of quickly.

Special x2: Dualist lunge: They rush towards there opponent, and if they have a clear line of fire, they do a jumping lunge (stab/other) towards there opponents as a possible first attack.

Men at arms/militia: A step up from peasants, but not by much. typically they posses little proper armor and the parts they do have, is well, light. Expect chainmail shirts, light helmets, and little else. And weapons to be from ramshackle to lower end military equipment. Maybe if there lucky they might have one quality piece! They can block... somewhat, they attack.... predictively, and are otherwise, mostly what you expect. Since they have minimal training they do have slightly higher stats than said peasants, but nether less, fall down easy.

Here on out are a few bossbot ideas.

The Sniper/Specialist: A special operations unit respectively of his day, possessing a unique set of light armor, specifically a black suit of gambeson with subtle hints of additional armor underneath, with a mostly black hood or hat, and gloves, but occasionally forfeiting the hood for a full head of hair. alongside his padded pants. A ranged unit at heart with his own signature instrument of ranged weaponry. He takes a while to shoot, as he gets the shot just right, and nearly hits every time. When you come near he is like the assassin, but not some hedge knight hoodlum, but a true master at his art, coming with maxed out stats (yes movement, but only high health) and vary lethal close ranged combat to be feared.

Mercenary captain: The battle hardened leader of a mercenary company (when he spawns mercenaries tend to spawn more), comes equipped with heavy armors, perhaps a black cape or gilded piece, and a nasty attitude. Fights as dirty as it comes with his sword and shield in his hands. Coming in with maxed stats, and vary slightly higher movement speed.

Royal vanguard/royal knight: A alternative to the mercenary captain, this righteous battle hardened unit comes in like a medieval tank, wielding a morning star and shield in hand. He comes bearing the special armor from season 1 of the militari, and is rather overbearing opponent. Comes with expected maxed stats. However has some advanced skills in combat, like Nibbs's spin attack (hold stance lock and spin a entire rotation and let go) to deal with circling opponents (maybe just the 180 version) and heavy shield bashes. May occasionally spring and use a overhead/side swing where he jumps down with a heavy attack. Though may not be useful, but I should add a intimidation factor.

I hope you like a few of these ideas and did not waste a few hours.

Feel free to post a few below.

And no, no Peedeoo7 bots, as they would only team hit, and pinprick, there allies.

I should know. I know some cheap players might like it tho.