Increase rewards for defending Neutral fiefs

Ramses 4 months ago • updated by Siegbert 4 months ago 1

Defence of neutral fiefs is poor these days as few clans want to antagonise potential partners by signing up agaiast them. The result is that few veterans sign up for defence and casuals don’t show, which leads to boring battles. 

Increase the incentives for defending neutral fiefs. One solution is to increase the number and rarity of loot chests, even if the defenders lose (more suitable to casual players). Alternatively, give a small troop reward to any successful neutral defence to incentivize veterans with lots of gold. 

Or just get rid of neutral fiefs. It seems to be a phase everyone wants to get over with, including the devs. Alternatively, make new clans start with more fiefs or more troops to more quickly start taking fiefs and getting us out of the neutral battles phase. 

I'd be in favor for skipping it all together. Feels artificially drawn out... Why not get to the fun part right away?