Change the way troops work for neutral fiefs

Ramses 4 months ago • updated by kaktus14 4 months ago 1

Long intro:

Battles for neutral fiefs are wierd. First of all they tend to lack defenders, but when they have them the fief is harder to cap than clan fiefs because the time allotted for the battle is halved (from 1 hour to 30 minutes), the good reason for this still escapes me. Furthermore, if the attackers lose (which they might because of the low time), attackers lose ALL remaining troops (in case of the TK attack some time ago, only 200-300 troops were actually killed but the remaining 600-700 simply disappeared) while defender’s troops instantly get back to their old numbers. This makes battles for neutral fiefs very “sudden death” - the rewards for winning them good but lose one and you lose a lot and gain nothing at all. 

Proposed solution:

Change the way troops work for neutral fiefs. Have them generate troops over time (maybe 10 a day for the smallest fiefs) with a minimum amount in the beginning of a season (to avoid rushing). When the troops die in battle, it actually reduces the number of tickets in the fief on the map. 


This will result in: 

1) No more neutral fiefs magically getting all their troops back instantly, which means you can grind them down over several battles. 

2) No more “winner takes all” attitude with neutral fiefs, even if you lose you gain something (fewer tickets next time) 

3) Neutral fiefs scale in strength during a season. Neutral fiefs will be weak in the beginning but harder as time passes. This would quicken the “neutral phase” while making them less of a target later. 

Btw, this is how it worked in strategus and it worked well. 


I had been suggesting weakening of neutral fiefs from the time they released militari. Lets hope they finally make it a feature.