Add fiefs/special locations between Kingdoms/Clans

Peedeoo7 4 months ago 0

Idea is simple, when there is a clan neighboring another clan, a fief/location is generated between. This is to encourage conflict, increase viewing distance, and diplomatic reasons. not to mention to make clans feel like each other are encroaching on each other's lands.

Simple (and practical) implication: Villages spawn between kingdoms alongside occasional towns/forts. This should be easier to implement. could be as simple as having .5 fiefs spawn at each corner of the kingdom (not limited to 1, so occasionally there is a bundle of fifes to fight over).

Additional/advanced tileset implication: Alongside villages we could have natural features or different man made places to seek after. I can list a many. Hey I say should be typically from 12v12 to 32v32 (that's the equivalent right?) events. Perhaps armies can even camp there. Now I fully expect this to be late game, but it sure would enchant the Militari to some extent.

Watch tower: Small location with a viewpoint over far away lands, which eliminate more fog of war than normal occupied spaces. Here it can be like field ambushes/open field battles, or a conquest, of 3 or less (possibly 1) flags. Imagine fighting on a mountainous location where on a small partly barricaded plateau lies a fairly large watch tower with room to move around inside of. there could be two paths leading to it from each side with ledges around the actual plateau. Think of having a flag on top and the surviving defenders, waiting for re-enforcements, desperately hold the staircase, or chokepoint.

Trade route: Think of a wide open paved/hard packed path which, before you arrived, teemed with merchants going about there travels. Here are several carts strewn about, and perhaps even campsites or a toll both/tax collection office. This could provide a small gold stream to a guilds/kingdoms treasury. Could be a limited conquest (3 or less flags) or classic army filed ambush until one retreats.

Mines/gold mine: This fairly large event (thinking that 32v32 scenario) could mirror the common fort defense missions we have, but here we have the setting in a much more unusual environment. Underground. Now I say we have the attackers take the above ground first few flags, and all mid-game to end-game fighting takes place underground/in the tunnel systems. All the way down to either a dead end, or a final room (garrison/somewhere) where they have to engage in some serious close quarters (but NOT claustrophobic combat), like the camera should always be able to move freely, even if it's slightly unrealistic that the mine ceilings were so high. The benefit of this location is a moderate to large gold stream to the guilds treasury and will diffidently be a valuable prize to take, and fight over.

Large bridge: This would have it so that troops will either have to take a lengthy detour to attack a opponent, then send a invasion through this critical point. This should be a large (big element of the map, maybe 64v64) wide stone/wooden bridge over a vary large river with some nice rapids for scenery. with a nice cobblestone/dirt path leading though it with perhaps some rolling hills. This battle should be fought mainly through brute force of the armies at full force head on facing each other and not spaced apart everywhere. This should lead into some head to head combat that our players usually don't encounter. with perhaps a flag before, middle, and between the middle and the start (or just flags only on the bridge itself). The feature of this bridge is however is that it can deny, or allow entry, into areas/your kingdom. Like say your KOE and you want FCOR to travel freely, they can. But don't like TKM and TKM will have to forcefully take this area to pass. Also would auto-disable clans passage if they attack one of your fiefs. Like if they target your land, there army will have to go through this "ambush" on its way to your castle.

Natural features: Like prime building locations for new fiefs, possible bridge building point, possible future mine, hot springs, ruins (expedition parties? like skirmish, but you have to survive the whole way to a point to get treasure/complete objective through traps/npc's?), caves, vantage points (lift fog of war)/other general interesting locations.