Make defenders of neutral fiefs travel

Siegbert 4 months ago • updated by kaktus14 4 months ago 2

So, I was thinking: we should want clans to get their neutral fiefs quickly in order for the real clan v clan fun to commence. But the way it is now bigger clans can either totally boycot any new clan's attemps at getting their fiefs or they can just help each other get them (carebearing).

I think a neutral fief should not really be something you have to fight over. It's a personal matter of any clan. However, just as the new clan itself has to gather an army to get to their fief, so could any other clan that want's to either contest that or help them.

So it's a bit like the new ambush mechanic: another clans has to build an army and march them in the vicinity of the new clan. If they manage to get to the fief in time they can contest it and a battle between those two clans will be scheduled. Any other clan who wants to fight in this battle also has to get an army there.

Since most of the time another clan's army wouldn't form up and travel so quickly the new clan will be able to take their fiefs without any combat. Their army should be able to continue traveling to their other fiefs without having to be formed anew at their stronghold.


I like this idea in the way with the idea that other clans can't interfere when their army isn't present. This might actually create a need for solo players who are flexible and can take part to plus up numbers in these kinds of battles since they won't be bound by the movement of armies.

I agree that neutral fiefs should be easier to take like it used to be with former ticket system + with some small changes I got in mind to prevent sending 1-5 elite players to take it. Well about having the need to have army nearby to defend neutral fief is not really good. Even though I like the idea of enemy kingdoms losing their actual tickets if they want to defend neutral fiefs. This would result in no battles in early stages because enemy kingdoms wouldnt even have the time to get there to defend neutral fiefs. I like how it used to be neutral battles were there but it was pretty easy to take them for everybody while it was big enjoyable battles. With new ticket system its imposible to win on tickets if you got less players on your side while losing on 15 minute time limit results in your whole army dying. Even back then only those troops that actully died was counted as tickets loss.