Bot matches/bots in matches(please read)

Jhhiu5 4 months ago • updated 4 months ago 1

A TL;DR will be at the bottom for those who don't want to read

Bots matches would be a great way for new players to experience large scale battles without having to worry about high tier players chasing them down in partial plate and also allows players to play the game when ever they please with as large of  a battle as they please, i often come home to find no battles on my server and other servers to be to lagy or to low populated to enjoy a good battle that is not me fighting the same player over and over again.I understand the counter argument to that is to join the large scale battles but not everyone can be on when those happen

Another benefit for these bot is that they could be used for balancing or making battles more populated, an example of this is the 3v2 and 1v2 i often find my self in(this may not be the case for everyone but if a new player encounters this it could ruin his experience) when these unbalanced matches happen its often a up hill battle for the lower populated team as the other will simply take turns killing them as they run in over and over to simply die to better players, adding a hand full of peasant bots adds a constant stream of enemies both teams have to focus on and can assist in over powering the more powerful players turning this 3v2/1v2 into a 8v7/6v7 providing a more pleasing experience for those involved



-player can fight bot populated battles anytime of day

-new players can play the game without worry of powerful players or empty battles

-players without internet or who hate pvp can enjoy a team based pve experience that is not just a   wave survival game(new market?)

-provide a way to balance matches in pvp without taking away all the fun

-bot matches can be used to practice fighting with a team 


- i feel bots should not be allowed in de militari as that is a pvp system and allowing players to spawn armies of bots equal to there reinforcements (while cool) would ruin the point of the game mode


I understand players have been against the idea of having a form of single player in the game but do so ensure not matter what happens along the Dev cycle of this great game we can still enjoy its beautiful art and engaging combat and could attract new and old players back to this game with the promise that they can enjoy it no matter the population of the servers.

there are plenty of multiplayer pvp games out there that offer enjoyable bot matches that can still be enjoyed to day that did not take away from the multiplayer in anyway.(lol,dota,All the call of duties,quake,etc)

i now see all my grammar and spelling mistakes that i missed proof reading and i want to scream