Single Player

Simon1279 5 months ago • updated by Siegbert 5 months ago 1

Please add a single player offline mode, so i won't stay anymore waiting for players and play a game that i've bought more than 1 year ago and please add a single player offline mode, so i can play a game which i bought and that has been dead for a while, making me regretting to have bought this game and uninstalling it, because a multiplayer only game without a player base is a complete total loss of daily hard work earned moneys, expecially since the old devs left and since i can't get a refund.

Single player is the solution for the total lack of active players, and a: "wow at least i didn't throw my moneys in the trash.

There are bot modes in the lobby. Just look for the icons for "arena" and "hold your ground". And about having "no player base": there is plenty of matches every evening. I guess you logged in at a unlucky time.