Messaging System Important Feature!

oma 5 months ago • updated by Rafouin de Pardaillan 5 months ago 1

I've just noticed that game is missing a important feature and that is messaging, and i mean really messaging between factions and between players. This could be done something similar to crpg if it is too much work to add feature in the game engine, maybe it could be created as a website then crosstalked to gameengine.

Player and/or faction would see a "email" icon indicating message's has been received and then open it to see what is this about. This is important feature for future de re militari dramas, and player recruiting, player messaging for diplomacy purposes, and if i have a faction open to sign in and someone joins there, then i have no way contacting him. Looking his name on steam will open multiple with similar name because steam name is not same as steam account name.

Hopefully this will be looked even a barebones version would be bare minimum for this kind of diplomacy/war/drama based game. Hopefully this will be looked at, this features importancy should not be downplayed.



I think it would make recruitment for little clans easier, and then bring much new players to stay longer in the game since being in a clan and participating to Militari is the only "goals" someone can find addictive enough to invest more time in okam.