Just some little things

c47 5 months ago • updated by Of Kings And Men 5 months ago 4

1. Running icon on/off (when you have sprint toggle enabled).Or always set sprint to ON if char is not running when hitting shift.

No more wondering if my char will or will not sprint (after hitting shift few times)

2. Slower movement in water - obviousness

3. Loosing hp under water (by percent, all in 3s or so)

4. Slower movement up hill 

As I can see the speed is counted on X and Y axis, without Z. You can go same distance faster when up hill (bigger angle - faster) than on flat ground.

5. Attack while sprinting only when mouse button is released not just pressed. So you can set your stance more precise or change it (don't need to show it on animation while running - so it will be simple) and - what is most important - you will not attack when you don't want to (easy to make a mistake now in compare to normal fighiting) 


You should make each point into a separate suggestion so we can vote on it individually.

No, no no. All or nothing!!!11one

That changes are too small and without much influence to gameplay (well, maybe 5th has it but still not very much) to spam with separate threads.

Pogo asked us to do it that way so they can see which idea in particular is popular at the end.

Please split them into different suggestions as Siegbert said. We might add all of those, but it will be easier to track which one is currently in development, which one is finished, and so on.