War Mode (large NPC battles)

Drakei 5 months ago • updated 5 months ago 1

Relying on other player to have fun sucks…… So here is a solution. 

War mode:  War mode would be Large conquest and/or skirmish battles with 15+ npc’s on each team duking it out. A game all players could join to get a quick action.  Players would be able to join and jump into a battle between two opposing npc forces.     I think it would be rad if each team represented a medieval army in composition, (3 knights, 7 spearmen, 5 archer/crossbow, and the rest peasant levies.  Composition could vary to make different dynamics between the 2 teams.   Maybe npc stats could also vary by class (Knights get the best stats)   Also army armour schemes should definitely differ from opposite team.  So basically we have two npc armies battling then players can jump in to the battle and bam!  You can choose the side and kill npc’s or other players who join.   Population problem solved!   If you make it offline then single player problem……. solved! You’re welcome Devs.  This mode could be similar to custom battle in M&B Warband.   It would basically be a way to have full battles without the requirement of many human players.   To add, when you (developers) get NPC commands programmed, the multiplayer options could be huge (Teams could elect a NPC commander for the team) to direct the NPC, while other player just fight it out.  Anyone who esteems this idea, feel free to leave comments on what you think would be fun with NPC in multiplayer or single player.        If you support this idea feel free to add to the idea!


Also, when enough human players are in game there should be an option to alter to human vs NPC.   NPCs of one team vanish and humans who want to join, join the side of the living and face the NPC army.